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Long range wireless remote control system up to 6 Km. Transmitter and Receiver ARD2 UHF

Remote irrigation pump with Remote Control system 2 channel UHF ARD 2.It contains handheld transmitter, receiver and base antenna

Ideal for long distances.

Transmitter and receiver ARD2 UHF

Transmitter and receiver ARD2 UHF



2 Channels remote control “ARD 2”




Frequency: 433.92 MHz (PLL crystal)
Selectivity: -60db @ 200KHz (SAW filter)
Image rejection: -40db
Sensitivity: -116 dbm
Special algorithm reduces effects of noise and short pulses.
Code: 14Bits
Supply: 230V AC 2VA (model A) or 12V DC 60mA (model B)
2 relays with contacts 12Α @ 230V
Antenna connector “F”
Range: >Up to 6 Km in line of sight (L.O.S) using external antenna UHF 433MHz


Handheld Transmitter
Frequency: 433.92 MHz
RF power:10 mW ERP
Code: 14bits
Supply: 9V battery (not included)
Indicative LED
Equipped with synthetic leather case


Optionally, Handheld Transmitter can control a second receiver with the other two buttons