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Water treatment Scale Free / Neutralizes salt deposits

Water treatment Scale Free

Water treatment Scale Free


Electronic device for water treatment


It is an electronic device that produces a pulsed electric field. This field is applied, by two electrodes around the pipe, to the water and prevents the plumbing from all scale deposits.


It will remove all scale deposits from plumbing when installed (in 6 weeks).


It reduces the quantity of detergents. It also eliminates the use of water softeners.


The pipes are kept clean and the phenomenon of the electrolysis is drastically reduced. Protection is achieved by the positive current of the treated water eliminating the electric field that evolves between different metals, e.g. copper and steel.




Power consumption


Model A:   230 or 110 V AC 20mA (with internal power supply)
Model B:   12V AC 100mA (with external power supply)




Agriculture Applications


Increased Solubility
Less watering
Soil improvement
Efficient watering by the “in drops” method
Increased production


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